Teaching Experience


University of California, Berkeley: Science, Sense, & Sensibility Course

  • Lead for team developing assessments to gauge understanding of scientific concepts and facility in applying concepts across a variety of real contexts, especially news articles.

  • Lead for team developing course materials and content for use in high schools and online curricula.

University of Pennsylvania: Teaching Assistantships


    Animal Behavior (with Robert Seyfarth & Dorothy Cheney)                          [Fall 2012, '13, '14]    

         Biweekly recitations on classic & current research articles;

         Assistant in writing and grading written exams & papers.


    Cognitive Psychology (with Lyle Ungar & David Brainard)

         Biweekly recitations on problem sets, discussions;

         Grading homework.                                                                                                 [Fall 2015]


    Social Psychology (with Coren Apicella)                                                                 [Spring 2013]

         Guest Lecturer; Assistant in test preparation & grading; Office hours



Prince Royal College, Chiang Mai, Thailand: English teacher                                

            Grades 7-8                                                                                                                [Fall 2009]


Teaching Competencies


Primary Teaching Competencies: 


  • Judgment and Decision Making

What is rationality?



  • Cognitive Psychology

What is cognition?


  • Social Psychology

How do relationships work?


  • Personality and Individual Differences

Why isn't everyone the same?


  • Construct Development and Measurement of Individual Differences

Students choose a individual difference construct to consider, conduct a lit review on related constructs, then create, iterate, & test a novel way of measuring it.


  • Introduction to Psychology

What are minds good for?


  • Research Methods

Turning an ill-structured question into a well-structured research question, experimental methods, statistical methods.



Secondary Teaching Competencies: 


  • Positive Psychology

What is human flourishing, and how do we develop it in ourselves and others?


  • Animal Behavior

How does natural selection explain both the diversities and the parallels in behavior across the animal kingdom?




Sample Curricula


Construct Development and Measurement of Individual Differences




Cognitive Psychology Seminar



University of California, Berkeley


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