Teaching Experience


University of California, Berkeley: Science, Sense, & Sensibility Course

  • Lead for team developing assessments to gauge understanding of scientific concepts and facility in applying concepts across a variety of real contexts, especially news articles.

  • Lead for team developing course materials and content for use in high schools and online curricula.

University of Pennsylvania: Teaching Assistantships


    Animal Behavior (with Robert Seyfarth & Dorothy Cheney)                          [Fall 2012, '13, '14]    

         Biweekly recitations on classic & current research articles;

         Assistant in writing and grading written exams & papers.


    Cognitive Psychology (with Lyle Ungar & David Brainard)

         Biweekly recitations on problem sets, discussions;

         Grading homework.                                                                                                 [Fall 2015]


    Social Psychology (with Coren Apicella)                                                                 [Spring 2013]

         Guest Lecturer; Assistant in test preparation & grading; Office hours



Prince Royal College, Chiang Mai, Thailand: English teacher                                

            Grades 7-8                                                                                                                [Fall 2009]


Teaching Competencies


Primary Teaching Competencies: 


  • Judgment and Decision Making

What is rationality?



  • Cognitive Psychology

What is cognition?


  • Social Psychology

How do relationships work?


  • Personality and Individual Differences

Why isn't everyone the same?


  • Construct Development and Measurement of Individual Differences

Students choose a individual difference construct to consider, conduct a lit review on related constructs, then create, iterate, & test a novel way of measuring it.


  • Introduction to Psychology

What are minds good for?


  • Research Methods

Turning an ill-structured question into a well-structured research question, experimental methods, statistical methods.



Secondary Teaching Competencies: 


  • Positive Psychology

What is human flourishing, and how do we develop it in ourselves and others?


  • Animal Behavior

How does natural selection explain both the diversities and the parallels in behavior across the animal kingdom?