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Society for Philosophy and Psychology               [6/2013-present]


Society for Judgment and Decision Making      [10/2013-present]


Ad hoc reviewer for European Journal of Social Psychology, Episteme, Journal of Judgment and Decision Making, Journal of Political Psychology.          [10/2013-present]

Research Interests


  • Psychology of epistemology: how laypeople and scientists think about knowledge, justification, and disagreement, and how such conceptions influence how they develop, test, and adjust their beliefs, especially beliefs about science.

  • Developing and testing interventions for improving scientific thinking, with a focus on actively open-minded thinking and appropriate integration of the subjective and objective aspects of knowledge construction.

  • Developing theory and measures of actively open-minded thinking, as a framework for defining habits of critical thinking and understanding precursors and benefits.​


  • Philosophy of psychology: the ontology of constructs in social psychology, issues in operationalization, sociology of psychological research.













Phi Beta Kappa Society                                         [5/2009-present]


Sigma Xi Research Society                                   [5/2009-present]


Society for Personality and Social Psychology     [12/2011-present]

University of California, Berkeley


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